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George Poutos

On 03 Apr, 2014 Written by 

Angelos was initially part of my team in easyCruise. He has a very good professional attitude and is always seeking perfection in any task he undertakes.

He has a wide range of expertise covering Hardware, Software, Network, Web and even design which he can exploit successfully to produce results.

One of his advantages is that he has the ability to combine his technical expertise with general business experience thus providing feasible, realistic and successful solutions to any problem.

The best example I can give to illustrate that he is an ideal colleague is that after our initial cooperation, I sought his collaboration again in more than one occasions.

After our initial cooperation at easyCruise, I used his expertise in more than one occasions. Once as partners on a promising start-up project, but I also employed his services as an SEO consultant during my time at Chryssi Efkeria. In all these instances I was equally happy with his expertise and his business conduct.

If the occasion arises I will definitely use his expertise again in the future. I would recommend to anyone seeking such skills or services to do the same.

Source: Linkedin Recommendations

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