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Personal website

On 20 Aug, 2013 Written by 

Having a personal website is not an advantage! Well it may be a little, but don’t forget that I have all the necessary keys to do it! Of course I mean the ownership of

So why do I have a personal website? First of all because I like it! Because I wanted to have my own internet presence and I would like it to be as I want it. Not just a profile on a social media that will follow the rules and the design of the media.

And of course you may wonder, why a personal website and not just a blog? Well, I don't like blogs. Blogs are just places where you can publish posts and people just comment on them. Personal blogs usually are like diaries or they have a specific subject. I just didn't want something like that. Also on blogs you can't have customizations on the layouts, which is something that you can do with ease on a website; especially if this website is CMS-driven, like mine.

The main idea of having my own personal website is to have a tool that I could use as I want. A tool that I could design the way I want to. A tool where I could have different layouts and not just "posts" or just a blog layout. And finally I wanted to have a restricted area where I will be able to create photo galleries and other content just for members. This area is for family and some friends. Not all of them will be able to join this area.

So feel free to navigate on my personal website. It may also be worth to take a look at the blog area. Yes, as you can see, within all the other pages and layout, I also have a blog!