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Once upon a time...

On 30 Apr, 2014 Written by 
Lupa Once upon a time... Angelos storytelling... Angelos storytelling...

I remember when I was a child at around 14 years old I used to spend lots of hours in front of my computer, exploring the whole new world that was coming. The period that I am storytelling is at around 1993.

On 1993 I had a computer system with a 386DX2/40MHz processor and 4MB of RAM. It was my second computer and at the beginning was running MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1 but when Microsoft launched Windows 95 (still remembering the date, 24/8/1995), I upgraded the OS with MS-DOS 6.22 & Windows 95. Then was when I had my first contact with Internet through a dial-up connection, which was establishing using a Zoltrix modem at a speed of 14.4 Kbps.

I remember me coming from school and sitting at my desk, spending all my time in front of my computer, trying to make connections with other servers through the Internet, using telnet and ftp commands. Usually noon becoming afternoons and then the evenings I was still there. Most of the times I was still there even after the midnight. I used to make only a few-minute breaks for food and toilet, but nothing more. Not even thinking about study for the next day! Most of my friends were playing around the neighborhood after their studies, but that was not what I was willing to do! Sometimes I was playing with them and used to ride my bicycle, but not every afternoon, as they used to do.

My grandparents were worrying about me and my future. I remember very clearly my grandfather Antonis, explaining to me that computers will not help me with my future business. He used to say that the computer will not help "feeding" myself and I should reduce the time spending with it. For some reason I knew that he was wrong, but I still couldn't see clearly a way that computers would help me making money in the near future. I was absolutely understanding that these machines would be part of my job and definitely help me with it, but it wasn't very clear for me that it will be the main tool to make money and I didn't have a way to prove it.

Of course I didn't hear their voices and I didn't followed my grandfather's advices. I used to do what I wanted without paying lot of attention on advices of older people! Being that a correct kid’s attitude or not, helped me follow my own way.

Just a few years later I realized that computers were part of every single job. Computer systems were involved on everything, all around the world. Then, when someone was trying to advise me not to spend so much time with my computer I had an answer. I used to say the following: "I can see that almost everything operates using computer systems. I could imagine that if there was a mass downtime of computer systems all around the world there would be a huge panic! Then nothing would operate normally. Thinking about public transportation (trains, ships, airports, even traffic lights), industries of any type, government services, call centers and telecommunication services, operators, etc. Nothing would continue working untouched. Is that true? Then how can I think that Information Technology would not be that important for the future?"

Of course that conclusion wasn't something that only my mind could think. It was a logical conclusion. But older people that couldn't "see" that world's evolution needed an explanation. And that was my explanation to them.

Once upon a time I was a kid. And as a kid I was able to see the future. The future that was coming and that wasn't that far away...

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